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A reality based show focusing on the realistic aspect of taking care of a loved one at home during their final years. The focus of the show will showcase the beginning of what to expect process of taking care of the loved one at home, the actual day to day life of what is involved in taking care of the loved one at home and the final days and moments of taking care of the loved one and coping with the loss.


The show is about focusing on the middle and low income households in America who have to take care of their loved one at their home due to the very expensive cost of  healthcare,  shining a light on how healthcare insurance and Medicare is not enough when it comes to taking care of the elderly.


Aging Reality takes an indepth look into what is involved in the caretaking of a family member, and dealing with the emotional aspects of it. Incorporating humor, humility with the hopes to convey how role reversals can occur and how loved ones try to cope with the new changes in their lives. 

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