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Director/Producer Reel

Trae Briers

Repped by Holmes and Weinberg PC

Trae Briers received his B.A. in Film Studies from University of California, Santa Barbara and holds an MBA specializing in Finance Management. 

While in film school, Trae did an independent research with one of his professors on “How to make a movie for $100,000.” And with that newfound knowledge, he took that research and made the film "In Your Eyes". The movie was a sold-out success at the 2004 Santa Barbara International Film Festival, requiring a second screening. The movie received national distribution with Maverick entertainment and was a very popular DVD rental and On-Demand. He has produced numerous short films and infomercials and uses his Financial Analyst skills to ensure his productions are managed with efficiency.


Trae has taken the mantra “Consistent Persistence”, and is focused on making quality films.

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